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Welcome to The Barranco Clinic

It is our goal at The Barranco Clinic to make your visits to our office as pleasant and comfortable as possible. A visit to the doctor is often a trying ordeal for the patient. Coupled with anxiety about the state of your health is the worry about what the impending experience will be like. We are here to help you!


The Otolaryngologist, or ENT specialist, is a physician specially trained to treat disease and perform surgery involving the ear, nose, throat and neck areas. The specialty of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery does encompass facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

In this practice, services include general ENT, facial plastic surgery, including laser resurfacing, head & neck tumor surgery with reconstruction and nasal allergy. Our office also offers complete audiology services under the supervision of our staff Audiologists, including hearing aid evaluation and dispensing.